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Introducing Avascan, the Avalanche blockchains explorer

Aug 11th, 2020

What is Avascan

Avalanche is a network of blockchains: such a complex platform requires an easy way to browse it. Blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets and smart contracts are all part of the same picture. The Avascan explorer is the answer: designed to be a one-stop shop, it allows users to browse, and developers to build on its APIs.

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We’re here to bring you the best explorer experience.

Here’s what we’re proud of:

  • Fast: according to PageSpeed Insights, it ranks an average score of 98. First content is available in 2 seconds on average;

  • Zero-knowledge: Avascan retains zero personal data about individual users: zero cookies, no IP logging. You can learn more in our privacy policy here;

  • APIs: we’ll save you the hassle of retrieving and manipulating blockchain data so that you can focus on buidling your thing. Our APIs are under heavy development, new endpoints and docs will be released regularly in the coming weeks, so stay tuned (Discover API | Read API Documentation | Join devs Discord)

  • Community oriented: we’re here to support developers and users. Join our Telegram community if you need support or have feedback, follow us on Twitter for updates and other news such as meetups, tutorials and more.