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Avascan Programs, Magic integration with Avalanche and new features on Avascan


Our third validator, delegation alerts, AVAX on Ledger and more

The Avascan Validators, October 2020 Edition

Avascan's complete offer of validators, in one place


Announcing the Programs, first SCAN tokens have been distributed and the Avalanche Community Forum launched


First delegation will expire next week, Jelly Swap has launched, and first SCAN tokens will be distributed next week

Ditto, the next Avascan validator

After the huge success of 'Lazy' Snorlax, we’re launching our second validator


Announcing a new validator, launch of Avalanche mainnet, new features and the SCAN token

Announcing Avascan Validators

Introducing Avascan's validators and the SCAN token

How to choose your Avalanche validator (part 3/3)

Choosing a validator is a very delicate choice, you’re putting your future rewards in someone else’s hands

Avalanche Delegation FAQs (part 2/3)

Answers to the most frequent questions about delegation on Avalanche

The Ultimate Guide to AVAX Delegation (part 1/3)

How To delegate your AVAX and earn up to 12% yearly in staking rewards

Introducing Avascan, the Avalanche blockchains explorer

Avascan is the one-stop shop for users and developers to browse and build on the Avalanche network