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Oct 9th, 2020 / Last update: Oct 21st, 2020

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Announcing the Programs

We want Avascan to be the all-in-one platform that users and developer rely on for all-things Avalanche: that’s why we want to carefully curate all the validators and assets on the network.

The Programs are a way for user and developers to enrich data about validators, assets and addresses. This will render the validators and assets lists more human-friendly.

We are starting getting applications for the Validator Verification Program next week with a dedicated blog post, and will continue with a dedicated announcement of the Asset Details Program the week after.

Updates to the Trustless Lending Program

We are kickstarting the Trustless Lending Program next week: this is a huge opportunity for Avascan to offer more validators at a competitive cost, while ensuring the same quality of service in the process.

We already have three lenders in the pipeline: if you have more than 200,000 AVAX and would like to earn more AVAX than with a 2% delegation, join our Telegram community to learn more.

This week in Avalanche

Read more on This Week in Avalanche, Oct 8, 2020

This week in Avascan

  • We have distributed the first SCAN tokens to users that had their delegations expired;
  • We will continue distributing SCANs to users, but please be patient: your tokens may come after few hours or even days after the delegation is expired. If you would like to know the status of your tokens, ask in the Telegram community;
  • We have found some uses for the SCAN token, and we are testing them with a small set of users. We are getting a lot of feedback and the users involved are pretty into the potential of SCAN;

What’s new on Avascan:

  • The AVAX Supply page is now the AVAX Genesis page;
  • The Validator Details page now shows the average response from a set of nodes that the Avascan nodes can connect to;
  • In the Validator Details page, Max Reward is now Potential reward and is exactly the staking rewards that will be distributed to the validator if it has more than 60% uptime;
  • In the Validator Details page, Max Yield represents the maximum interest that the validator can offer based on the staking duration;
  • Delegatable is now Free space: we understood that the previous word was a bit confusing;

Known issues:

  • We are not able to track current and future staking rewards, so what you see is the allocation of the AVAX distributed in genesis;

Explore the Road

  • We are near the completion of the development for the delegation alerts on Avascan: users can follow validators and delegations and be notified in-site so they can renew their delegations. No need to check the time left every minute;
  • We have paused the development of Supply APIs for an issue in calculating the current supply including staking rewards. We will likely ship a new (working) version in the coming months (end of year). Stay tuned in our Discord server to get updates;

See you next week, and you for reading!