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Nov 27th, 2020

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An upcoming Program

This week, we continued working on the Program that will substitute the Trustless Lending Program. We gathered feedback from a subset of users but we still have some details to iron out. What we did find out, though, are the basic requirements for this program to run well.

If you have more than 150,000 AVAX and want to start a partnership with us to truly secure and anonymize your AVAX, contacts us in our Telegram community, so we can add you to the pipeline and let you know when the Program is ready.

Users that contacted us earlier and have less than 150,000 AVAX will still get some proposals very soon.

This week in Avalanche

  • One Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge had entered it’s final stage of testing. Built by Chainsafe, the bridge is two-way token bridge that enables ERC-20 and ERC-721 transfers between Avalanche (via the C-Chain) and Ethereum.
  • A beta site for avaXswap has appeared - use at your own risk. Only use the testnet and only if you know what you’re doing! If you want to see how it works without testing yourself, tolon made a video.

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This week in Avascan

  • We’re partnering with Ava Labs to act as a bridge relayer for the testnet Ethereum-C-Chain bridge that will go live soon. Check out the announcement
  • We have now mapped 180 validators both with the Validator Claim Program and our forensics work on-chain!

Want to claim your validator? Click here.

What’s new on Avascan

We’re working on some major and minor technical and UX improvements, see below!

Known issues

  • We are aware of an issue that can cause temporary downtime in the whole website and, specifically, in some Asset Details pages. We are working on a solution that’s part of a major architectural overhaul of the website, that will likely be deployed by Christmas holiday.

Explore the Road

  • We are in the last phase of development for the new indexer. Its’ blazing fast and shows even more data about transactions. Can’t wait to tell you more about it when we launch it early next month.
  • We are finalizing the details for a new color scheme across the website that will give users a better understanding of the involvement of different chains in the network. We achieve that by coloring the data that come from a chain using a specific color. You will likely see these changes come to the website next week.

We want to hear your feedback: head to our Changemap page to request new features or report bugs, and start a conversation in the #feedback channel in our Discord server or in the Telegram community.

See you next week, and thank you for reading!