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Mar 26th, 2021

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Building the tech

In recent weeks, you’ve come to notice that we didn’t release many features on Avascan. We have deployed a small amount of features and focused mainly on fixing bugs both visually and technically.
This is due to a major upgrade that we’re going through in our backend: in simple words, we’re changing the way we fetch data from the network to accomodate the recent increases in transaction volume and in anticipation of a greater activity in the coming weeks and months.

With Apricot release due soon in Q2, we want to address major changes in our architecture before it’s too late, and we’re doing so by rethinking how we get and process data. We’re using a new technology to do it, and we’ll develop a new framework that will likely help us build new features faster and with a closer feedback loop.

But we’re not standing still: while the dev team is working on this new technology, the product team is brainstorming tons of new pages and features. We are now working on about one hundred new features and enhancements that we will bring to Avascan in the next months.

We’re so excited of what’s coming on Avalanche, and we want to get ready as best as we can.

Discover DeFi on Avalanche with Avascan

We already saw some DEXs make their way into Avalanche, but this is just the beginning: few weeks ago, we launched the DeFi Avalanche Telegram community to track and discuss all-things-DeFi on Avalanche: over 250 members already joined!

This is what users tell about the group:
“You’ve found a gem group”
“This is definitely a more civilized level headed chat”
“It’s impossible to keep up with the trading channel. You can have a real discussion here, there’s been some good chat & insights”

Join DeFi Avalanche

This week in Avalanche

  • Apricot Phase One, the next major upgrade, will activate on Mainnet at March 31st, 14:00 UTC. The upgrade includes a 50% reduction in tx fees.
  • The Avalanche web wallet is integrating Nash to provide a fiat -> AVAX solution directly in wallet, it will be live in Q2. Additionally, AVAX fiat markets will soon be available on Nash and AVAX will be integrated to the Nash non-custodial wallet.
  • Avalaunch, an on-chain fundraising platform, came out of stealth mode

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This week in Avascan

We have now mapped over 390 validators and over 4500 addresses both with the Validator Claim Program and our forensics work on-chain!

Want to claim your validator? Click here.

Want to suggest additional information for an address? Click here.

What’s new on Avascan

  • New Stats menu in navbar. It only shows AVAX Genesis and Staking for now, but we’re working on a lot of detailed stats pages;
  • Redesigned, more responsive and larger data boxes throughout the website;
  • New staking composition in Staking Stats.

Explore the Road

We’re working on a lot of new improvements and special pages to show more data about the new Dapps and tokens:

  • Burned AVAX: a special page that includes detailed information about AVAX fees burned on C-Chain first, and then on X-Chain and P-Chain. It should be live by end of March
  • Bridge: a very complex but comprehensive page that shows the flow of value from Avalanche to external blockchains and viceversa. Chainbridge page should be live sometime in April, with more bridge-specific pages coming in the future.
  • DEX: we know that there’s an official dashboard to check the the liquidity pool and pairs, but we’re working on a detailed contract page that highlights useful information about burning rate, transactions, etc. It should be live in April, and more specific pages will come in the future.
  • Bridged on AVAX: a special page that shows granular data about official ARC-20 versions of ERC-20 tokens ported from Ethereum. It should be live in May.
  • NFTs: lists and details pages dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens, both on X-Chain and C-Chain. We have no ETA yet
  • Supply: a more comprehensive page with details on AVAX supply and flows of the native token. We have no ETA yet

And, of course, we’re also continuing the development of Norge 2.0, that will take a few months to be completed.

We want to hear your feedback: head to our Changemap page to request new features or report bugs, and start a conversation in the #feedback channel in our Discord server or in the Telegram community.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!