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May 21st, 2021


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We already saw some DEXs make their way into Avalanche, but this is just the beginning: a couple of months ago, we launched the DeFi Avalanche Telegram community to track and discuss all-things-DeFi on Avalanche: over 560 members already joined!

This is what users tell about the group:
“You’ve found a gem group”
“This is definitely a more civilized level headed chat”
“It’s impossible to keep up with the trading channel. You can have a real discussion here, there’s been some good chat & insights”
”Even though I haven’t been able to check as often as I like, there’s always solid analysis & commentary here & now one of my pinned groups in my AVAX folder. cheers!”
This is the best avalanche group that I know of. At least people make sense and actually communicate!!
”This channel is truly one of the more valuable resources in Avalanche, where members are often treated to quality, thoughtful analysis and conversations about the ecosystem. I hope the urge to be non-confrontational does not override the healthy need to moderate destabilizing behavior.”

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This week in DeFi on Avalanche

We’re starting to summarize what’s hot in the DeFi Avalanche group every week. Join the Telegram group to know more every day.

Sherpa Cash is preparing in coordination with Avalaunch to create its initial token offering. And the team also launched a content contest, the prize? $SHERPA of course! If you want to know how to partecipate Click here.

Next on Elk Finance: today is officially launching on Fantom Opera! The team also planned an airdrop, both for Moose NFT holders and Strong holders, for all the details. Click here

Snowball Finance is doing an airdrop as well! To celebrate the StableVault launch they decided to distribute 10000 $SNOB to 100 people. To partecipate you have to follow all the instructions on their Twitter account.

Spore Finance launched their NFTs on Monday, a total of seven drops. Do you hold some? What’s next?

Many projects launched on Avalanche also this week: Lucky Cat, Boston Terrier Avax, Diamonds, Lamasticards and Cryptodappers. All of them are NFTs, sure the Avalanche Network needed some of those, we’ll see what all these new projects will do and which one will become a classic and a stronghold for $AVAX like Pangolin.
And last but not least: Tether announced their token USDt will be available on Avalanche. We still don’t know the date of the launch or any other detail.

This week in Avascan

We have now mapped over 440 validators and over 4560 addresses both with the Validator Claim Program and our forensics work on-chain!

Want to claim your validator? Click here.

Want to suggest additional information for an address? Click here.

What’s new on Avascan

Many news this week:
-A brand new page: Rich list. It displays the addresses that hold most $AVAX and you can filter by C-Chain and X-Chain. Click here

  • Our Validators list now includes the number of active delegations for each.
  • We mapped almost all the Genesis addresses and there are lots of new details in the page like unlock time for the vested UTXO and much more, try to give it a look.

Explore the Road

We’re working on a lot of new improvements and special pages to show more data about the new Dapps and tokens:

  • Bridge: a very complex but comprehensive page that shows the flow of value from Avalanche to external blockchains and vice versa. Chainbridge page should be live sometime in May, with more bridge-specific pages coming in the future.
  • DEX: we know that there’s an official dashboard to check the liquidity pool and pairs, but we’re working on a detailed contract page that highlights useful information about burning rate, transactions, etc. It should be live in June, and more specific pages will come in the future.
  • Bridged tokens: a special page that shows granular data about official ARC-20 versions of ERC-20 tokens ported from Ethereum. Expected release: June 2021
  • NFTs: lists and details pages dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens, both on X-Chain and C-Chain. Expected release: Q2 2021
  • Supply: a more comprehensive page with details on AVAX supply and flows of the native token. Expected release: Q2 2021

Bonus: we’re working on a new small section in the C-Chain Overview page named Hot Dapps Right Now. You guess what’s that about ;) It should be live veeery soon.

And, of course, we’re also continuing the development of Norge 2.0, that will take yet a few weeks to be completed.

We want to hear your feedback: head to our Changemap page to request new features or report bugs, and start a conversation in the #feedback channel in our Discord server or in the Telegram community.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!