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Jul 2nd, 2021


Discover DeFi on Avalanche with Avascan

A couple of months ago, we launched the DeFi Avalanche Telegram community to track and discuss all-things-DeFi on Avalanche: over 690 members already joined!

This is what users tell about the group:
“You’ve found a gem group”
“This is definitely a more civilized level headed chat”
“It’s impossible to keep up with the trading channel. You can have a real discussion here, there’s been some good chat & insights”
”Even though I haven’t been able to check as often as I like, there’s always solid analysis & commentary here & now one of my pinned groups in my AVAX folder. cheers!”
This is the best avalanche group that I know of. At least people make sense and actually communicate!!
”This channel is truly one of the more valuable resources in Avalanche, where members are often treated to quality, thoughtful analysis and conversations about the ecosystem. I hope the urge to be non-confrontational does not override the healthy need to moderate destabilizing behavior.”

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This week in DeFi on Avalanche

We’re starting to summarize what’s hot in the DeFi Avalanche group every week. Join the Telegram group to know more every day.

*Trader Joe,*a brand new DeFi project, is launching on June 3rd; and it’s unique because they are launching the first ever double reward farm. The team also hosted an AMA to clear and explain everything. For more information Click here.

Next on Penguin Finance: they are hosting the first Avalanche fundraising event, powered by Sherpa Cash. Also the team introduced the Penguin Launchpad? What is it? For more information Click here.

Avaxcells, this NFT project, has some news this week. You can now stake $CELXS to get rewards and the team is also doing a givaway of 5000 $CELXS . The winner will be announced on June 7th, stay tuned and go partecipate!

Later in the news: Rugpull Prevention investigated and found something! Apparently Canopus “rugpulled” their liquidity on Pangolin and also plagiarized their whitepaper. There are proofs, apparently. Go visit Rugpull Prevention channels for any further details.

A lot of projects launched and integrated this week as well on the Avalanche network: Party Swap , Aspen protocol ,Heroes of NFT and Ankr. Party Swap is a new swap project, we are still waiting for their launch. Aspen protocol is a protocol for the issuance of assets. Heroes of NFT is an NFT gaming platform, launching tomorrow. And finally Ankr: an internet bond launchpad is opening to Avalanche. Want to know more? Click here.

And last but not least: Elk Finance is opening their gate today enabling the cross-chain transfert; and also the team is doing a mainnet. Hungry for details? Click here.

This week in Avascan

We have now mapped over 480 validators and over 4740 addresses both with the Validator Claim Program and our forensics work on-chain!

Want to claim your validator? Click here.

Want to suggest additional information for an address? Click here.

Explore the Road

We are working on a lot of new pages, but it’s premature to talk about them now. We can’t be realistic about new releases because Avalanche is growing fast and we can’t design our roadmap in advance. We are on track and committed to release at least one feature every week, whether it be a redesign of the tables or a new font scheme. You may be seeing few advancements on the website, but huge developments are happening right now at Avascan. We just can’t talk about them all, but we will be tweeting some pools in the next weeks, so that you can help us understand which path to take for some improvements.

And, of course, we’re also continuing the development of Norge 2.0, that will take yet a few weeks to be completed.

We want to hear your feedback: head to our Changemap page to request new features or report bugs, and start a conversation in the #feedback channel in our Discord server or in the Telegram community.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!