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Jul 9th, 2021


Discover DeFi on Avalanche with Avascan

A couple of months ago, we launched the DeFi Avalanche Telegram community to track and discuss all-things-DeFi on Avalanche: over 710 members already joined!

This is what users tell about the group:
“You’ve found a gem group”
“This is definitely a more civilized level headed chat”
“It’s impossible to keep up with the trading channel. You can have a real discussion here, there’s been some good chat & insights”
”Even though I haven’t been able to check as often as I like, there’s always solid analysis & commentary here & now one of my pinned groups in my AVAX folder. cheers!”
This is the best avalanche group that I know of. At least people make sense and actually communicate!!
”This channel is truly one of the more valuable resources in Avalanche, where members are often treated to quality, thoughtful analysis and conversations about the ecosystem. I hope the urge to be non-confrontational does not override the healthy need to moderate destabilizing behavior.”

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This week in DeFi on Avalanche

We’re starting to summarize what’s hot in the DeFi Avalanche group every week. Join the Telegram group to know more every day.

*Trader Joe,*a brand new DeFi project, is still on the edge; launched on June 3rd is full of news. This week they announced that they are integrating Chainlink price feed on Avalanche network. For more informations Click here.

Next on Penguin Finance: they are launching the Emperor Blitz. A new betting game mode. For more information Click here.

Avaxcells presented the Arena game mode, it’s PvP. Sure we’ll give it a look!

Later in the news: Rugpull Prevention opened the Crypto graveyard page, for all the abandoned projects. If you want to check it out Click here.

Pangolin had some new partnership also this week: Poolz and Coin98. Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO and Coin98 is a wallet. Want to know more? Click here. And here.

Gondola Finance had a big shake this week, it’s sure in the center of the gossip. Apparently a Gondola address contract swapped a lot of $GDL that was supposed to be locked for 6 months. A lot of fuss happened in the community and everyone had their comment to make and their opinion to share. The team made an official declaration. Click here.

Toops NFT opened the BazookaJoe NFT collection, this sure brings back memories! Click here.

And last but not least: Avaware Network implemented a lot of new features, including a new NFT collection and partnership with Coin98 as well. Go browse their site, it’s worthy!

This week in Avascan

We have now mapped over 480 validators and over 4770 addresses both with the Validator Claim Program and our forensics work on-chain!

Want to claim your validator? Click here.

Want to suggest additional information for an address? Click here.

What’s new on Avascan

Finally, we have it. Unveiling our NFT support on C-Chain! This is just the first iteration, but we have many more features to come.
Right now, you can:
View the list of all NFT families on C-Chain: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/erc721
When you click on an item, you will be brought to the specific NFT Family Details page: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/erc721/0x9b29fFdD69CDAd3Ac99CE9560f8E433332Ce908E/nft
In that page, you can then browse every NFT: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/erc721/0x9b29fFdD69CDAd3Ac99CE9560f8E433332Ce908E/nft/39
Every NFT has rich information like payload (still image or GIF), a description and other attributes that are shown on the left side of the page. On the right side, instead, you can browse the Owner’s history, that is the history of the transfers, shown as a timeline. Cool, uh?
We have so many more features in development, and we can’t wait to show you. In the upcoming weeks, we will add support for NFTs in the Address Details page and improve support for minting, transfer and burn of NFTs in the Owner’s history.

NFT support is just one of the many projects we’re currently working on, and we really can’t wait to show you what’s next. Hope you’ll enjoy browsing NFTs on Avalanche from the beach this summer!

Explore the Road

We’re more confident now of what’s going to happen next on Avascan, so we can tell you more - no ETA yet!
Avalanche Bridge support: Ava Labs has announced the next-generation bridge, and we’re preparing Avascan so that users can know exactly where to find it and what’s happening there;
Whale transactions: we announced this page a long time ago, but we had more than a few hiccups in processing that data. We now implemented a way to do that, and we’re almost ready to release it . This should be out by the end of the month;
Hot Dapps: this is going to be huge. With the same tech we’re using for whale transactions, we will be able to sort dapps by the ones that are most used on the network. This should be out by the end of summer;

And, of course, we’re also continuing the development of Norge 2.0, that will take yet a few weeks to be completed.

We want to hear your feedback: head to our Changemap page to request new features or report bugs, and start a conversation in the #feedback channel in our Discord server or in the Telegram community.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!