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Oct 23rd, 2020

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Verification Programs are now Avascan Programs, and some modifications

Since our launch of the Validator Verification Program 2 weeks ago, we have verified almost 100 validators and a lot more sent their verification tx but need to still be verified. We have also launched our Asset Details Program, formerly known as Asset Verification Program.

We decided to rename the program, and to rename the whole Programs series from Verification Programs becuse we realized that we cannot yet verify assets, nor addresses. You can check which address has minted a certain address, but we, as Avascan, don’t have a trustless method to uniquely recognize a token as a genuine project. Since this is the infancy of the Avalanche network, things will of course change. Same works for addresses: we cannot say that some addresse are genuine and others not, we can only gather details to add for better context.

With this premises, we are only labeling AVAX and SCAN as verified (green checkmark): AVAX is the official asset, and we would be fool to ruin our reputation with SCAN (and we trust ourselves, of course). We already said that we’re looking for ways to build value in SCAN, but we’ve not found any yet: users are receiving it as a token of their loyalty to Avascan, by delegating to our validators.

We will launch the Address Details Program next week, and we already gathered some addresses to show in time for launch. Help us render Avascan the best by submitting addresses’ details when the Program launches!

This week in Avalanche

This week in Avascan

  • We release a few fixes and improvements to the performance of the whole website, but you likely won’t notice them ;)
  • What we prepared under the hood is: filters for the validators list! More below.

What’s new on Avascan

Known issues

  • We are aware of long waiting times to access Avascan pages, and in particular the AVAX Asset Details page. This is due to Ava Labs’ indexer that sometimes fails to return data in less than 5-10 seconds (we go in timeout after that)
  • We have changed a few URLs in our Knowledge Base, so the correspondent links on Avascan are currently broken. We will deploy a fix for that along with major improvements next week;

Explore the Road

  • We are working on a revamped Validator Details page, with new details, a better visualization of validator and delegator rewards;
  • We are making the final touches to the UI that will let users filter Validators in the Validators list!
  • We are almost ready with a new staking calculator: it will be basic at launch, but we hope to make it more and more complex to help users make their best choice about delegation.

Please keep adding suggestions and bugs in our Changemap page, this helps us so much in prioritizing development!

See you next week, and thank you for reading!