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The Avascan Validators, October 2020 Edition

Oct 14th, 2020 / Last update: Oct 21st, 2020

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Almost one month has passed, and we needed to make a recap of what’s happened to our validators since mainnet launch on September, 21st.

Today, we launch the result of the Trustless Lending Program campaign that we began a few weeks ago: introducing Abra.

Abra is the first validator that we launch with AVAX borrowed from investor that joined the Trustless Lending Program campaign, so we want to make a soft launch: that’s why it has a very low 5% delegation fee, but we won’t be issuing SCAN tokens in place of delegation fees spent by the delegators.

This is an experiment to understand how the market of validators on Avalanche is actually made of. But it’s also (and most importantly) a way to understand the value of the SCAN token. Will you delegate Abra and have a quick reward or invest in the future of Avascan by delegating to ‘Lazy’ Snorlax or, even better, Ditto?

To help users, delegators, understand which Avascan validator to choose, we designed a table of comparison:

Name Stake Capacity Fee End SCAN issued Why delegate?
‘Lazy’ Snorlax 493K 1.972M 10% Dec. 8th 10% of delegation reward Avascan quality + compromise for reward and SCAN tokens
Ditto 166K 664K 20% Dec. 3rd 20% of delegation reward Avascan quality + get more SCAN tokens
Abra 600K 2.4M 5% Nov. 12th 0% of delegation reward Avascan quality + earn a quick reward at a low fee

It’s very easy to find the Avascan validators: head to the Validators page and look for their names. If you have a validator of your own and want it to be verified, apply for our Validation Verification Program.

Got a question? Get answers in the Telegram community or send a tweet to @AvascanExplorer.

Happy delegations!