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Oct 30th, 2020

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Updates to Avascan Programs

Last week, we announced changes to the Verification Programs, that are now called Programs. This is because we can’t, in fact, verify the integrity and trustworthyness of a validator or an asset. Avascan is a platform that lets users and developers browse the Avalanche network, and we want to let as many people as possibile add rich information to what others can see, by adding information to their own validators and assets.

But remember: Avascan is not liable for any detail added to the platform. We simply verify that the person or entity that wants to add details to a specific validator or address does actually owns the rights to add those details. We won’t never know if such person is planning to scam people by convincing users to delegate (validators) or make atomic swaps (with own assets). This is why we’ve once again modified the name of the programs, that now are referred to as Validator Claim Program and Asset Claim Program, to better reflect this concept.

We are also soft-launching the Address Details Program: more info just down below.

Soft launch of Address Details Program

‌As a member of the Avascan community, developer or user, you can report recognizable addresses. Those can be addresses from exchanges, ecosystem partners or DApps on Avalanche. You will not need to send a transaction, because we would need to verify that the entity that you’re reporting really owns addresses on Avalanche. You can report addresses in #🔢addresses in our Discord server.

We will start accepting suggestions right on and we will be processing them as they come, but we will show the details in the coming weeks. Stay tuned on @AvascanExplorer to know when!

This week in Avalanche

This week in Avascan

We have some exciting news: we completed a major design revamp of the Staking page! It is already available for users to see and use: introducing the Staking Calculator and other major improvements. With the Staking Calculator, you can calculate your expected reward by setting a delegation amount and a delegation fee. The button is in the [Staking] page, check it out and let us know what you think on Twitter @AvascanExplorer, on Telegram or in our #feedback Discord channel!

What’s new on Avascan

  • Validator filters: You requested it, we made it! You can now filter validator by free space, time left, fee and max yield. You can also filter validators with good uptime and only Claimed validators - if you want to claim your validator, click here.
  • We heard you, and we did what we could: the Validator Details page now shows detailed networking info: IP address, node version, location and ISP. Note: every Validator’s IP address is public on the network. We can show it because we simply query the RPC. This is a way to raise awareness on the fact that you’re not anonymous on the network if you don’t mask you identity behind the IP address;
  • Delegations now show in pages of 50 under the Validator Details page;
  • Improved support for non-default subnets: if a Validator is validating more than one subnet, every additional subnet is shown in the Validator Details page.

Known issues

  • We are aware of an issue that can cause temporary downtime in the whole website and, specifically, in some Asset Details pages. We are working on a solution that’s part of a major architectural overhaul of the website, that will likely be deployed sometime in November.

Explore the Road

  • We are working on a revamped Staking Stats page, that includes detailed charts. We are still brainstorming about which information is better to show, but the upside is that you will be able to know a lot more on how much the network is decentralized and why. We’re so excited to show it to you when it will be release sometime in the coming weeks. This page will also only be the first major step in showing users advanced statistics about validators, delegators and addresses.

See you next week, and thank you for reading!